History of the sawmill

The sawmill in Glommersträsk has a distinguished heritage. Norrfog Såg AB was established in 1999 and was run up until 2010 when IKEA became a partner in the sawmill’s parent company via the company 3ID Holding AB.

In June 2013, 3ID Holding AB acquired the remaining shares in the parent company – and IKEA Industry thus become 100 % owner to both the parent company and its subsidiary, Norrfog Såg AB. In connection with IKEA’s ownership the name of the sawmill switched to IKEA Industry Glommersträsk AB. Since this IKEA Industry AB has made significant investments with the aim of modernizing and improving the efficiency of the sawmill. Focus has been on processing within the furniture industry.

On February 1, 2018, Stockhult Holding AB acquired all the shares in IKEA Industry Glommersträsk AB – and changed the name to Glommers Timber AB (same corporate identity number).